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FAQ square glossy iconHere are our frequently asked questions.

Q. My audio is not playing at the correct speed in the audio player.

A. The typical cause of this problem is that the sample rate is not set at 44100 Hz. In fact acording to the guys over at Audacity “Not all players accept all rates: Flash players only work correctly with 44100 Hz files”. We’ve seen other sample rates work, but I think you’re taking a chance if you’re not using 44100.

Q. What file formats can I use for my podcast.

A. It’s a good idea to stick to the formats that can be played by the built in players. Both the audio and video player use flash to play the podcast and therefore the formats are limited to those that can be played by flash..

These include FLV, H.264, MP4, MP3 and AAC.

Q. I’m having problems submitting my feed to iTunes.

A. The first thing you’ll want to do is verify your feed. WordPress allows a lot for bad stuff to get into the feed so you probably need to fix your posts to get it to validate. Here’s list of a few validators:




Q. My title does not show up in the player.

A. By default, the player gets the track information from the ID3 tags of the mp3 file. These tags are usually set by the software you used to create the file. If they are set correctly, you should see the artist and title in the player.

However, Adobe recently changed their Flash Player to restrict access to ID3 tags if the file is located on a different domain than the player itself. In this case, the player cannot access the tags. Make sure your files are located on the same server and exactly the same domain. The player won’t be able to read the ID3 tags even if the file is located on a subdomain (e.g. your blog url is yourdomain.com and your files are on www.yourdomain.com).

Q. I’m having trouble adding a media file to an episode.

A. Please let us know what type of problem you’re having a send us the URL of the file and we’ll take a look at it. In the mean time you can set the advanced option “Bypass error check:” as a work around. This lets you add the file even if there are errors.

Q. A limit number of episode (usually 10) are showing up in my RSS feed (itunes feed).

A. You need to set the “Syndication feeds show most recent” setting in the Reading Settings. (see image below)

Q. My feed keeps getting a 404 error. Help?

A. WordPress holds a cache of rewrite rules (what makes the feed url look nice), and sometimes the cache doesn’t clear on installation. This can cause the feed not to work initially, but once you do something that clears the cache, the issue corrects itself.

Try opening up the Permalink Settings page. This will force WordPress to refresh the Permalink settings and allow this page to be found.

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