Setup Screenshots

This a step by step illustration of the settings for the Podcasting Plugin.

Find The Podcasting Plugin Settings


1. Open the Settings menu
2. Click Podcasting

iTunes Specific Configuration (Part 1)


These entries affect the data that is included in the podcasting feed. The itunes data relates to your podcast (feed). This information will be used to create the listing in the iTunes store.

General Payer Options


The easiest way to include the player on your web site is to have the plugin automatically insert the player.

Audio Player Options


This is where you can modify the play that appears on your site. It has no affect on the podcast feed.

Advanced Feed Options


The are advanced options and should not be required. Don’t use them unless you’re very sure how to use them.

Manage Media Formats


Manage media formats for your feed. This is where you manage your format types. You can name a format anything you want. It’s just a way to create a feed for a particular media types. For example if you have an audio feed and a video feed then it’s a good idea to offer one feed for each type so people whom want to get the audio feed can get a feed with just the audio files. And the same would be true for video files in this case.
1. Add
2. Update
3. Delete