Adding a Media File

Here’s a video that shows the process pretty well.


To add a file use the ‘Podcasting’ section (usually at the bottom of post editing page).

add file

Simply enter the url of the podcast file and select the corresponding format and click add. The file information is then shown above the input box. If the plugin was unable to detect the duration you may add this information as well as other information such as the author and keywords to the podcast information. This will be saved when you save the post (you must save (update) the post to update the podcast info).

edit inlcude

If you want to add a player to your page and you don’t have the player included in your posts automatically you use the ‘send to editor’ button to add the player string to your post. It will be inserted at the current cursor location in you post. If it gets added to wrong place you can simply move the string to desired location.

The plugin tries to automatically get information from the media file. If for some reason this does not work the plugin will not allow you to add the file. There is an advanced option in the setting that lets you “Bypass error check:” which will allow you to add the file.