Create a Podcast Category

Podcasting best practices suggest that you create a podcast only podcast feed. The default wordpress feed contains all types (categories) of post content. Nearly all podcasters end up with a site that contains both podcast posts and non podcast posts, therefor it’s a good idea to start your podcast with all your podcast post be contain in a particular category. Most podcasters choose to name the category ‘podcast’. This works well, but can be a bit confusing as the word ‘podcast’ is contain in the feed twice. For example the feed consists of:

This means your podcast feed would have both the category name and format name be ‘podcast’ it looks like this.

This is fine, but it can be a bit confusing. In fact any category can have a podcast feed. For example you can have a podcast feed for the news category. This would look like this:

However this feed may or may not contain any podcast episodes. Remember that podcast is just a different format for your feeds. We say feeds, because any category or even tag can have a feed in WordPress.

All this flexibility may be a little confusing in the beginning, but it allows you to create the url that makes the most sense for your situation. The basic idea is to create one feed for every podcast show that you create. Most podcasters create a new site for each podcast rather than house all podcasts in one site. Again the flexibility of the system lets you do whatever makes sense in your situation.